Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Often times people say things without really thinking them through. We speak out of line, out of character, out of impulse, and out of fear. This is not to say that all words we have with one another are negatively charged, but there is such power in silence. It's cliche, but if our mouths are closed, all other senses are very much open. Take time to listen, observe, analyze, and create before choosing to say something about nothing or nothing about something. We are not who we say we are in words, but who we say we are in actions. Besides, if we're talking all the time, we'll run out of things to say. No comment...thats word.


phillip.clift said...

If we hold our tongues, then we must put too much faith into our actions. Actions are all symbolic, and hold many interpretations, each varying to the perceptions of the beholder. This is not to say that we should just speak without thinking. Yet, remember that Shakespeare said that life is a "stage where every man must play a part," for "all the world's a stage."

Albert said...

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