Sunday, February 10, 2008

I'm still a little confused about our service learning project thats going on here, but I'm starting to get some things together. I'm hopefully going to be working with the Vegetarians in Pitt County organization, but I haven't heard back from anyone. I'm the only one working with this group in my class, so if there is anyone else who's going to be with this organization, PLEASE let me know; if you've talked with anyone, if you know of meetings, etc. Any of that would be helpful. You'd think it would be easy to get in touch with the group, being that our proffessor is also an avid participant with the organization, such luck thus far.

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vharrington said...

There are people in the 9:00am class with stephanie west-puckett(professor)who are involved with the vegetarian of pitt county and they plans to have a dinner coming soon. Our professor doesn't mind if students work with other students who are not in the same class. Hope this has been helpful to you, remember you are never alone out there. V.HARRINGTON